Sertraline: Day 2
  • Pro: mood is much calmer already, less negative
  • Con: keep throwing up all my food and just generally feel sick all the time
    +Con: I had a shake shack burger for the first time yesterday and it was real real good but I threw it up like 30 mins later but I still got to taste it I guess
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Q: I hope you feel better, beautiful!

The kind words of a stranger actually mean so much

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" mum, dad, can I have some money for my anti-depressants? "

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Sounds like a latina robot i think

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break ups are the fucking worst

especially when you were supposed to move in with them next week.

fucked doesnt even describe it

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Finally going to the doctors today to sort my head out
Its going to be a long and probably painful journey but in the end it will be worth it 
I just hope its not too late!!!!! :(

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(sorry for the out of character emosh posts)

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If I were normal and a nice person none of this would have happened.

But im not, im fucked up and a bitch most of the time

If there was a god I’d be praying to one right now

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It would be an understatement to say that my heart is in a million pieces and I feel broken and lost and ashamed and sad and angry at myself

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r.i.p my inflatable chairThis makes me very jealous 
look at my snazzy trousers and my eyebrows that aren’t even penciled in and my semi-flexibility and my slightly dirty feet

I feel like writing a lot of text posts but then it will ruin my aesthetic

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Malin Gabriella Nordin, 2013

Your Nose is My Nose, 2013
Lucy Kim