Lookin hella tired


lol look at dis bitch - ‘lookin hella tired’ what a drole and obvious way of fishing for compliments it aint 2009 girl. Your not disguising your selfie by saying that nor making yourself seem any less vain. The use of ‘hella’ is quite amusing too… can anyone imagine this girl actually saying that? Quite a sad example of someone jumping on the tumblr trends for followers… oh yeah and apparently she used to follow people but now she doesnt because shes so ‘tumblr famous’ omg11!!1 i read it on her FAQ because i thought it was going to be ironic or sarcastic, some sort of satire  you know but nah that shit %100 real. She thinks she needs an FAQ like shes fuckin Google or some shit loooool your eyebrow game may be satisfactory but i wonder what you look like without makeup. I can predict the hate im gonna get like ‘ooh your just jealous because your ugly’ but i know im not ugly and stuff like ‘your so pathetic you took the time to write this blah blah havent you got better things to do blah blah’ but sorry darlin, i just banged this out in under a minute; or any other of those lame MSN comebacks i can imagine this girl and all her followers to anonymously barrage me with…..

Magic Motion Toilet Seat™, Dolphins Jumping Elongated, Chromed Metal Hinges, Wood, Deep Blue

Things I’m sick of seeing on Tumblr…

Womens lips with or without a fag

Naked girls in front of a projection - apparently this is a ‘new’, ‘edgy’ and ‘interesting’ artistic concept

Naked girls in baths (see above)

~More to follow no doubt~

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Blinky Palermo (Peter Heisterkamp)
[title not known] 1970

Listening to Dean Blunt in the bath eating leftover Chinese
~Lyf is Gr8~

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